Richard McLaren

Digital Vice President at McKinsey

Philosopher and Tech Strategist. In this presentation Richard will demystify ‘The Art Of Asking The Right Questions’ by explaining question structure, its history and role in society and strategies for asking questions to get better answers.

With a background in Philosophy and Mathematics and decades of direct experience leading technology and data driven businesses, Richard has run technology, product and data functions for a number of leading companies in Australia and abroad, including Australia's largest online publisher, blue chip banks and Europe's biggest online price comparison company.

He's passionate about making value through these new capabilities, whether in entirely new businesses or by transforming existing ones.

Speaker’s event

Are You Asking The Right Questions? Strategies For Product Development

Are You Asking The Right Questions artwork by Magda Cortez
City and Surrounds
02 Jun, 06:30 pm - 08:30 pm