Rev Graham Long

Rev Graham Long

Rev Graham Long

Pastor & CEO of The Wayside Chapel

Rev Graham Long joined Wayside in 2004 and has become an oracle of Kings Cross. He has been instrumental in creating a community of no 'us and them' at The Wayside Chapel — a place free of judgement where people can come to just 'be'. Each day, Graham is a listening ear to those on and around the streets of Kings Cross.

Graham trained for ministry from 1979 to 1982. After a few years in church ministry, Graham became a chaplain to Parramatta Prison and he ran a church welfare agency. After ordination, Graham pursued studies in philosophy, achieving degrees from Catholic Theological Union and from the Catholic Institute of Sydney. A Masters with honours degree was halted when a near fatal motorcycle accident changed all of life's priorities in 2001. Prior to joining Wayside, Graham was on a sabatocal as a postie — he had just learnt to master his little bike when Wayside called him to be the next Minister.

Graham is an accomplished author and speaker. His two books include; Love over Hate: Finding life by the wayside (2013) and Stories by the Wayside (2011). Graham was admitted to the Order of Australia as an AM in 2015. He has been married to Robyn for 42 years. They have a daughter Mandy. Their son James died in 2009.

From the social worker who became a postman, to the postman who became a pastor, Graham’s journey has led him to share in great joy and great sadness, both in his own life and through the lives of people who have fallen by the wayside. With a unique ability to connect with audiences ranging from a few people to a few thousand people, Graham captivates people with his personal stories and his deep insight about love, hate, power and the ‘self’. He challenges people to reflect on their contribution to society and he inspires people to live as if their last minute was to happen today.

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