Professor Michael Anderson

Professor of Creativity, Arts and Education at The University of Sydney

Professor Michael Anderson is professor of Creativity, Arts and Education at The University of Sydney. He is a co-founder of 4C Transformative Learning, an organisation works with educators to facilitate transformation and makes learning responsive to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. His research and practice focuses on the role of the 4Cs in making schools and the education sector fit for the 21st century. His co-authored book with Dr Miranda Jefferson, Transforming Learning provides frameworks and approaches that show the way for learners and teachers to understand and engage in explicit and integrated learning in the 4Cs. Michael has worked as a teacher and consultant and has written widely on the role of cutting edge technology in shaping transformed learning. He is an award-winning teacher and researcher and speaks regularly in the media and through keynotes on approaching the transformation of schools.

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