Professor Dikai Liu

Director of Research, UTS

Professor Dikai Liu received his PhD degree in 1997 and joined UTS in 2000. His main research interests include robotics (exploration, localisation, motion planning and collision avoidance), robot teams and physical human-robot interaction.

Dikai has been developing novel methods and algorithms that enable robots to operate in unstructured, dynamic and/or complex 3D environments autonomously or collaboratively with human users and other robots.

He has also been developing robotic systems that can be practically deployed in real applications; including autonomous grit-blasting robots for steel bridge maintenance, assistive robots for human strength augmentation in industrial applications, bio-inspired climbing robots for steel structure inspection and condition assessent, autonomous underwater robots for cleaning and inspection of underwater structures, and smart robotic hoist for patient transfer.

Dikai is the Co-Director of the UTS Centre for Autonomous Systems.



Speaker’s event

Research, Innovation and the ‘Ideas Boom’: Pathways to Collaboration

Research, Innovation and the ‘Ideas Boom’: Pathways to Collaboration
City and Surrounds
31 May, 06:00 pm - 08:30 pm