Phillip McIntyre

Associate Professor, Communication, School of Creative Industries, University of Newcastle

Associate Professor Phillip McIntyre is a communication and media scholar who researches how novel and valued things are created by human beings. He seeks to answer a basic research question: what is the most rational way to explain how novel things are brought into being? In addition to this basic research question, he also seeks to answer an applied question: how can these explanations help to increase human kind’s ability to generate unique and valued products, processes and ideas?
A/Prof McIntyre's most recent book The Creative System in Action: Understanding Cultural Production and Practice, co-edited with Dr Janet Fulton and Dr Elizabeth Paton, was published by Palgrave MacMillan in 2016 and Creativity and Cultural Production: Issues for Media Practice was published by the same publisher in 2012. His new co-edited book Creating Space in the Fifth Estate is due out in 2017.
Dr McIntyre is a current recipient of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant entitled Creativity and Cultural Production: An Applied Ethnographic Study of New Entrepreneurial Systems in the Creative Industries. He is the group leader of the Communication and Media Research (CAMR) group and is a member of the Hunter Creative Industries and Technology (HCIT) research centre.
He was a visiting scholar at Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom in 2010, working with a research group in sound production in the Faculty of Information and Technology. He recently received an Excellence in Research Supervision Award and was selected by the PVC to be part of the inaugural Emerging Research Leader's program in 2011. 

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