Phillip Adams AO

Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams AO

Broadcaster, Filmmaker, Author, Archaeologist, Controversialist, Social Commentator & Satirist

One of his country's most noted writers, broadcasters and filmmakers, Adams was elected a Living National Treasure in an Australia-wide poll conducted by the National Trust.

200 of Australia's most prominent academics voted Adams one of the top five of the country's public intellectuals.

His many honours include two Orders of Australia, four honorary doctorates and the Human Rights Medal, Australia's highest award in this category, awarded by the Federal government's Human Rights Commission. He has also received Australia's top honours in journalism, broadcasting and film making.

Described by Prime Minister Whitlam as 'Australia's most perceptive social critic' he is Australia's most widely published columnist. In his 50 year career his writings have appeared in most major Australian newspapers and journals, and in major papers around the world. He currently writes two weekly columns for the national newspaper The Australian.

He is the author of twenty books, many of them best sellers. Called 'the godfather of the Australian film industry'  he has written, directed or produced over a dozen feature films many of them recipients of major awards at local and international film festivals. They include Don's Party, Lonelyhearts, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, We of the Never Never and The Getting of Wisdom.

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