Phil Preston

Founder, The Collaborative Advantage

Rethinking the way we engage with consumers

In the past, we’ve focused more on what organisations can deliver instead of what consumers need, which inevitably leads to win-lose outcomes. How do we shift that mindset? How do we create win-wins? How do we marry the needs of consumers, organisations and a range of stakeholders to co-design a win-win future together?
Phil Preston outlines the shifts in thinking, driving collaborative approaches, what it means for the health sector and how we can all benefit going forward. Phil left his corporate career to help businesses and non-profit organisations create deeper partnerships. He uses 'shared value' principles to identify tangible, win-win outcomes. 

Speaker’s event

Dare to Design Our Health Future

Dare to Design our Health Future.
City and Surrounds
02 Jun, 09:00 am - 05:00 am