Paula Abood


Paula is a CACD practitioner, writer and educator. She has worked with diverse communities in capacity building projects for 28 years. She teaches community and cultural development at Ultimo TAFE. Her work includes Writer/Director of The Cartographer’s Curse (2016), Parenting Stories (2010), Hurriya and her Sisters (2009), The Book of African Australian Stories (2006), Poetry on Rooftops (2006), The Book of the Living (2006) and Bread and Other Stories (2002). Paula was the 2013 recipient of the Australia Council’s Ros Bower Award for lifetime achievement in community cultural development practice. Paula was also a directorate for National Theatre of Parramatta from 2015 to 2016. Paula works on creative projects with small and emerging community groups and community organisations.

Speaker’s event

Cause & Effect: Arts & Social Cause Forum

Cause & Effect: Arts & Social Cause Forum
City and Surrounds
03 Jun, 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm