Patricia Shaw & Michele Jackson

Former Job Share CEO Audrey Page

Tricia and Michele have worked as job sharers for over 10 years, covering four roles; most recently as Joint CEO of Audrey Page & Associates. Having attempted to maintain career progression while working part time they realised that senior leadership roles, particularly those with large teams, required full time presence.

Job sharing opened the door to further advancement, maintained flexibility and has delivered personal and business benefits beyond expectation. They recognised one another as natural partners having similar industry experience, complimentary skills and collaborative style. Their success is driven by their strong work ethic, commitment to one another’s success and values alignment.

Tricia Shaw

Tricia has more than 25 years’ experience in corporate leadership positions and eight years in professional services. Prior to becoming Joint CEO at Audrey Page & Associates, she held key positions as director of career transition and director of career management.With extensive leadership experience across a range of corporate and line functions in large and complex organisations, Tricia shaped the strategic HR agenda of ASX listed organisations, enhancing commercial outcomes and aligning priorities, capabilities and initiatives with business strategy. With the same energy and drive, she  partners with C suite executives and senior leaders to enact significant and lasting change — for themselves, their careers and their organisations. 

Michele Jackson

Michele has over 25 years' experience in strategic and leadership positions in corporate Australia, managing major change initiatives in both operational and corporate functions. Michele has held executive roles in sales and service operations and in key human resource roles. She maintains a keen interest in the diversity portfolio and has brought that to the development of our Career Management suite. Over 8 years with Audrey Page & Associates Michele held most roles within the organisation including executive consultant, director career management services, director career transition and now joint CEO.