Nikki To


As a political science graduate with a passion for food and the environment, Nikki channels her personal interests directly into her celebrated lifestyle photography. With her knowledge of global affairs and an elegant creative style, her work is equal parts gravitas and refinement.

Craving a creative outlet whilst completing a Bachelor of Economic & Social Sciences at the University of Sydney, Nikki’s photography hobby quickly became a full-time obsession. Though a postgraduate law degree was the typical next step for her field of studies, a role as photographer’s assistant was too tempting to refuse.  

Nikki perfected her craft working as an assistant and digital operator for a number of Australia’s leading photographers. This not only honed her photographic skills, but offered the chance to work on sought after international projects spanning Australia, Asia, America and Europe.  

Nikki’s calm and observant nature is reflected in her clean, balanced photography, which captures vast landscapes and fine details with equal mastery. Her distinctive photographic style has won her work with leading brands including Google Food, The Fink Group, The Shangri-La Hotel Group, Hilton Sydney, and Jamie Oliver. Nikki’s passions for quality produce and wholesome food are the perfect complement to her lifestyle photography. She regularly shoots food and restaurants for online magazine Broadsheet Sydney as well as other Australian editorial publications such as The Design Files and Qantas Magazine.  

Through her photography, Nikki hopes to continue to create meaningful, captivating work that illustrates her deep appreciation of social and environmental issues along with her love of all things culinary.

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