Nigel Lake [UK]

CEO and Co-Founder, Pottinger

Nigel is an entrepreneur with a passion for diversity, innovation, environment and action and a background in science, finance and philosophy.

He believes there is almost always a better way to do things, and he is thrilled to help senior leaders to grasp the opportunities that lie in front of them. Nigel has lived and worked in most of the world’s top thirty economies, and advised hundreds of major companies and governments on major M&A transactions, strategic transformations, large infrastructure projects and the application of big data analytics to boardroom decisions.

His first book The Long Term Starts Tomorrow makes the case for long term thinking in a short term world and has been described by NSW Premier Mike Baird as “A must for any manager, leader or Minister – compelling reading”.

Nigel is based in Sydney, New York and London.

Nigel is speaking at Conscious Change 2016 on June, 7, 2016, at the ivy Ballroom, Level 1, The Ivy, 320 George Street, Sydney.