Nicole Monks


Nicole Monks is a trans-disciplinary artist working across furniture design, photo media and light sculpture. In 2012, Monks founded the company ‘blackandwhite creative’ to weave Aboriginal philosphies of sustainability, innovation and collaboration into contemporary art and design projects. Nicole has previously participated in panel discussions about collaboration, women in the Arts and exploring the value of mentoring and the mentor/mentee relationship.


Speaker’s event

Fame & fortune –sustaining your artistic practice

Don’t worry, 2016 and Be happy, 2016, Abdul Abdullah. Installation view as part of Jogja Calling, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Courtesy the artist and Fehily Contemporary. Made with the assistance of DGTMB Art Embroidery. Photo: Document Photography
City and Surrounds
03 Jun, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm