Nick Xenophon

Senator for South Australia

Nick first became involved in politics in the 1997 South Australian election, where he campaigned on a ‘No Pokies’ platform. Over the next eight years, Nick worked to fight the spread of poker machines. He also campaigned on issues where individuals and communities weren’t getting a fair go, including asbestos victims, victims of crime and land tax.  He was re-elected to the State’s Upper House in 2006 with just over 20.5 percent of the state’s vote.

Nick made the decision to leave state politics and run in the November 2007 Federal Election because he believes that he can do more for South Australians in the Senate on key issues such as gambling regulation and water. Nick was elected to the Senate with just under fifteen per cent of the vote. He is the first Independent to be elected to the Senate in a generation.

Since assuming his role in the Senate in July 2008, Nick has continued to push for changes in the key areas of gambling reform, the water crisis, consumer law and food labelling.

In the 2013 Federal Election where Nick was up for re-election in the Senate, the Nick Xenophon Group polled 24.9% of the overall vote in South Australia, on par with the major parties – an unprecedented result for an independent.

In December 2014 Nick announced his intention to launch the Nick Xenophon Team.  NXT is about creating a common sense approach to politics. 

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