Neal Hunt


Sureshaker is an independent music company based in Sydney, and working with artists: Sticky Fingers, Lyall Moloney, Bootleg Rascal and Boo Seeka in variety of roles. Among them artist management, touring, merchandise, publicity, publishing and distribution. And artist development – those artists have all been with sureshaker from early in their careers. The company is founded by Neal Hunt. He’s been interested and involved in music since the Jurassic era.

This first manifested by being in bands: writing songs and playing sax and guitar. Somewhere along the line this sidelined into music journalism, for some reputable and some not so reputable, music mags and sites.

Along the way this then segued into a kind of not-for-profit consultancy, an innocent enough pursuit to begin with, helping artists in areas where it might be that they needed work, e.g. publicist or agent. That turned a little more serious when he took on the management of The Beautiful Girls. Within a few months of the band forming (before their first release), managing them, through their development from 2000 until Aug 2009. This took in all kinds of national and international hijinks: Tours, releases and whatnot, forming relationships at home and away.

He continues to be driven/obsessed by music and has worked on the development of new acts since then. In the Sureshaker guise, Neal currently works with Sticky Fingers, Lyall Moloney, Bootleg Rascal and Boo Seeka.

Speaker’s event

FEEDBACK: A Music Conference For Young People

FEEDBACK: A Music Conference For Young People
The Rocks
13 Jun, 11:00 am - 04:00 pm