Moritz Behrens and Konstantinos Mavromichalis (UK)

Architect & Lighting Designer

Konstantinos Mavromichalis and Moritz Behrens combine architecture and lighting design with interaction design to explore the notion of today’s architecture within mediated urban spaces.

In their work, Konstantinos and Moritz consider Sentiment Architecture as a practice that materialises human behaviours and emotions by combining interactive lighting and architectural form.

Recently and in collaboration with Arup, they designed and deployed the interactiveSentiment Cocoon, which collects the feelings of building occupants and visualises them through the medium of light evolving from a lightweight translucent structure. 

Their interactive media installations have been invited by Verve Cultural (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and the EU funded Connecting Cities (Berlin, Germany), Nuit Blanche (Toronto, Canada), displayed at the Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria) and produced for the European Capital of Culture 2014 (Riga, Latvia).


Speaker’s event

Redesigning Urban Inventions: City As A Service

Redesigning Urban Inventions: City As A Service

The Rocks
11 Jun, 09:00 am - 11:00 am