Mick Brooks

Mick Brook

Mick Brooks

R&D Manager for Imaxeon Pty Ltd

Mick Brooks is the R&D Manager for Imaxeon Pty Ltd, a medical device manufacturer based in Sydney and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bayer Inc. He is also a member of Bayer’s Global Radiology leadership group, charged with managing the design and strategic direction of Bayers radiology product lines.

Mick has worked as a practicing engineer in a variety of fields including telecommunications, radio and optical astronomy and medical devices over a 25 year career. Engineering and design work has led to stints in Canberra, the US, Germany and Japan contributing to telescope design, printer software, anaesthetic ventilators and, more recently, powered injector systems for using in diagnostic imaging. Micks professional interests include the use of closed loop control systems, decision support software and design theory.

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