Michelle Duval

Michelle is most passionate about supporting those who co-create our future cultural norms. With this at heart, Michelle’s personal specialty as a coach is working with entrepreneurs, inventors, thought leaders and creative artists such as writers, producers, and actors.

As a researcher she has led a world first study into the attitudes and motivations of Australia's most successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

As a pioneer into new forms of learning, Michelle helped found the field of professional coaching in Australia in 1997 and became a leading voice forging developmental and transformational coaching worldwide.

She has co-authored two international handbooks on coaching, is featured in 10 books and sought out by media as a leading voice in the field. She has coached thousands of individuals locally and internationally.

Birthed out of her own personal experience with an aggressive life threatening brain disease, Michelle's personal cause and mission is working with otherwise 'incurable' diseases by developing advanced coaching methodologies and the latest discoveries in neuroscience to facilitate well-being and even complete recovery.

Speaker’s event

Alchemy Of Creative Commercialisation: Learning from Success Stories  

Alchemy Of Creative Commercialisation  
The Rocks
03 Jun, 12:00 pm - 02:00 pm