Michael Bradley

Managing Partner, Marque Lawyers

Michael Bradley and a group of colleagues started Marque Lawyers in 2008 with the singular ambition of completely changing the way law is practised. They got rid of timesheets and charging by the hour, started using language people can actually understand and came out openly with the daring truth that they are normal human beings who seek greater meaning from their work than the mindless pursuit of money and status.

Marque’s purpose is to prove that it’s possible to be a lawyer and happy at the same time, which Michael measures by how much he looks forward to going to work each day. Which, after 27-years as a lawyer, miraculously, he does very much. Michael is the Chairman of Conscious Capitalism Australia, writes a weekly column for The Drum, and once wrote a book called “Kill all the Lawyers” without a trace of irony.

Michael is speaking at Conscious Change 2016 on June, 7, 2016, at the ivy Ballroom, Level 1, The Ivy, 320 George Street, Sydney.