Merryn Clancy

Founder of Car Next Door, Merryn Clancy

Merryn Clancy

Head of Marketing, Car Next Door

Merryn is a founding team member and Head of Marketing at Car Next Door, a Neighbour-to-Neighbour car-sharing platform that lets people rent cars. She's led Car Next Door's growth from concept stage to a service relied upon hundreds of cars being shared by over 13,000 borrowers in Sydney and Melbourne. 
Merryn will share Car Next Door's product development journey providing insights into the experiments she ran to interviewing and build a product customers want to use. She obsesses about making human networks work and believes collaborative consumption and the share economy will change the world.
Merryn’s background is in B2C marketing and building communities in both retail and digital settings. Merryn loves working for a business with a solid foundation in sustainability as well as the challenges and rewards that come with helping to shape new products and grow a community.


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