Megan Morton

Megan Morton, Soul Safari: SYDNEY

Megan Morton

Founder, The School

At Soul Safari: SYDNEY, Megan Morton of The School and Jacqueline Fink of Little Dandelion share how they’ve built a global community, one class at a time, extending the reach of The School beyond its classroom and across the world. Learn how to use technology with a personal touch to connect people around their passions.

Megan Morton garnered international attention and accolades when she established The School in Sydney. Her ex-marketing roles merged with her styling career to create the tipping point for sharing her experience. Megan writes books, consults on atmospheres and can deliver an a-grade flat lay. From a family of teachers, now one herself, she teaches transferable styling and making-based skills. The School lives to join many social, physical and art dots into a global community of makers and changemakers.

Instagram: @megan_morton

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