Matt Von Der Muhll

Matt Von Der Muhll

Matt Von Der Muhll

COO of Unlockd

With a strong passion for digital, Matt is Chief Operating Officer for Unlockd, where he leads all monetisation, platform build, customer acquisition, strategic alliances and managing the execution of overall business strategy.

Matt comes to the role with experience working across various online offerings from publisher & venture capital through to advertising networks. 

Unlockd, an Australian start-up that lets consumers pay their mobile phone bills while watching adverts, is on the verge of signing with two major international telcos in a move that could forever upend the way people pay for their smartphones.

Co-founded by its chief executive Matt Berriman with former News Corporation chief finance officer Craig Watt and senior Herald and Weekly Times executive Chris Kerrisk — Unlockd promises telcos a slice of the $100 billion mobile advertising pie that they are increasingly being bypassed on. 

Unlockd’s platform claims to disrupt current mobile ad platforms by serving ads direct to customers’ phones in exchange for discounts on their bills or handset payments.

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