Mary-Claire Monsalve

Mary-Claire Monsalve

Head of User Experience and Design

MC is a digital transformation specialist, who has a Master in Digital Communication and Culture from USYD and has an avid interest in how technology is changing the way in which we communicate, grow and learn. MC has completed various design thinking courses — with her favourite being run by IDEO.  
She has worked with various companies such as Westpac, RAMS, IAG and now the ABC. She started her career over 15 years ago in digital, starting in web development, moving into strategy and has found her home in design. MC sees the future of digital as being informed, consistent, personalised experiences, which are relevant for the customers using them — which can only be achieved through dedicated digital designers.  
Her top four thinkers in digital are:

Clay Shirkey
Malcome Galdwell
Sherry Turkle
Jared Spool

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