Maddy Macfarlane

Community Radio Broadcaster

Maddy Macfarlane has been broadcasting at Melbourne’s music-focused community radio station, PBS FM, since 2006. She currently hosts a weekly Australian music program Homebrew and delivers radio announcer training.

Since 2013, Maddy has combined her radio practice with PhD research to explore Australian community radio as an important locus for local music research. This practice-driven research has focused on collaborative radio-making and community media training. 

Maddy’s work has been recognised by CBAA, having received awards for Best Radio Documentary in 2014, for What We Talk About When We Talk About Music, a half-hour piece made with musicians from Melbourne’s Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, and in 2015 for Excellence in Training for her part in The Collaborative Radio Project, a radio-skills and audio story-making training program for new communities.

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