Louise Rolland

Executive Director, EY People Advisory Services

Louise has a background in business administration, labour market policy and planning and strategic talent management.

Since joining EY Advisory Services in 2007, Louise has worked with a number of public and private sector clients on the design of workforce transformation strategies that respond to the rapidly changing business environment and the flow on effect that these have on people and work.

In her previous role as Professor of Work and Ageing at Swinburne University, Louise established a Centre for Research, where she led an internationally focused research agenda to investigate the future impact of demographic change and global labour trends on Australian businesses. During this time she investigated the dynamics of labour supply, the implications of the interaction between life and work stage, the relationship between wellbeing at work and productivity and the lag in the alignment of management policy and practice to the digital era.

 ‘History is littered with failed predictions of the future; it is more sport than science. While we can isolate trends and the likely nature of their impact we inevitably fail to accurately predict both the timing and degree of impact. We are also blind to the disruptors that almost immediately and radically alter our future. Future scenarios do have value but our capacity to respond in time as the future departs from the predictable is central to survival.’

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The End of 9 to 5
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