Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormondy

Creative Directors

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy are the Creative Directors of Dinosaur Designs. During their three-decade career of designing jewellery and homewares, Olsen and Ormandy have taken their unique designs around the world, with representation in stores and galleries across five different continents and eight freestanding stores in Australia, New York and London.

They have exhibited at galleries around the world, from Victoria & Albert Museum to Tokyo Writers Block and Guggenheim Museum, and collaborated with international designers including Louis Vuitton Romance Was Born, Jac+ Jack and more.

Olsen and Ormandy's work is inspired by nature and the materials that they work with. Their formal training and love of the Australian light and landscape can be seen in their sense of colour and forms. There is warmth and tactility to their pieces, brought together by the juxtaposition of resin and the hand made nature of their objects, which they design and create in their Strawberry Hills studio.




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Factory Design District
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