Leonie Sanderson

Leonie co-founded The Ageing Revolution to create transformative change, develop better services and products and engage ageing as a beneficial part of the community. She is in her element coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems. She believes the ageing of the population will be one of the biggest disruptions of the 21st Century. 

Apart from a brief sojourn as a pop star in Taiwan at the age of 33, Leonie has worked in academia, not-for-profits and government. She has delivered innovative whole of government policies, managed community engagement projects that incorporate technological and face to face solutions and facilitated events and discussion panels. She is also a firm believer in the inherent creativity of human beings to bring about good.

Speaker’s event

Ageism - The Next Frontier

Image by Daniel Breda
The Rocks
16 Jun, 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm