Laura Wells

Laura Wells

Laura Wells is an environmentalist, presenter and one of Australia’s top plus size models. Holding degrees in both biology and law, Laura’s passion for the environment, love for the ocean and interest in climate change has led her to become a positive role model, advocate and ambassador for change. Working on environmental campaigns with The Boomerang Alliance, Greenpeace, 1 Million Women, WWF Australia and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), being an active and vocal participant of the Cash for Containers campaign in NSW, a climate reality leader in Al Gore’s, Climate Reality Project and the main subject of a Canadian produced documentary A Perfect 14 has allowed Laura to extend the voice of environmental campaigns and help to educate those people not normally influenced by such a sphere.

Laura has just returned from the largest all female expedition to Antarctica where she participated in a women in STEM leadership program. Homeward Bound Project aims to facilitate an international network of 1000 women in STEM to foster their leadership, strategic policy and decision making, visibility and communication skills and highlight the role of women as leaders moving toward a more sustainable future. Learning these skills in the isolation and beauty of Antarctica and seeing climate change effects in real time has given Laura the encouragment and education to continue to strive for change.


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