Kerinne Jenkins


Kerinne Jenkins is an Australian/English writer/director based in Sydney, Australia. She is currently participating in the Masters in Directing at the Australian Film Television Radio School where she is working on a proof of concept science-fiction short 'Cattle' and the corresponding feature script for her own company, Birdland Films. Kerinne has directed a number of short films that have played around the world, with her last film '1919' (starring Benedict Hardie, Matilda Ridgway and John Howard) screening on ABC2 and iView. She began her career in the UK where she worked for directors, Paul Andrew Williams and Ken Marshall at Steel Mill Pictures before she returned home to Australia to focus on her own projects which span across online content, music videos, shorts, dance films and other mediums. Kerinne has a love of transposing her own authentic experiences into heightened worlds where she can play with genre and is always excited to take on the challenges that a new format or technology can bring to the mix.