Keane Hughes

Keane Hughes

Keane Hughes

Designer, Monogram

Keane currently works at Monogram who are a small strategically led creative agency. He is lucky to be able to work on a broad range of things including illustration, retouching, design for both print and digital and a bit of art direction. He started out studying fine arts, drawing nude models and spooky skeletons for three years. After realising he wasn’t keen on living the life of a starving artist, he looked for a more marketable skill set that, to quote his mum, would get him “a real job.” 

He then went on to study communication design at Billy Blue College and graduated in 2013. From there he went into the world of advertising for a few years. After many, many late nights and tight briefs he decided that in order to polish his craft and hone his illustration skills, he would launch himself into the world of brand and design.

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