Kate Russell

Regional Community Manager at Lululemon

Kate Russell had always known her place was in PR, but after six years in the corporate sector she decided to chase her love for fitness and health, which is what brought her to lululemon athletica and landing her dream job as Regional Community Manager for lululemon in Australia/New Zealand.

At lululemon, Kate drives grass roots marketing through community. She manages and creates collaborations, partnerships and creates experiences. She supports the stores in her region to elevate communities with authentic relationships and inspired leadership.

Prior to coming to lululemon, Kate spent over 5 years at n2n communications where she led strategy and execution of public relations, marketing and events campaigns across Telco, IT, Government, Business and Consumer.

Kate will be speaking on the panel at PRIA's "Keeping it Real in the Age of Curated Perfection" event.

Speaker’s event

Keeping it real in an age of curated perfection

Keeping it real in an age of curated perfection
The Rocks
06 Jun, 08:00 am - 10:00 am