Jon Maxim

Freelance Copywriter

Jon is a freelance copywriter with over 30 years experience. Fired from every agency he’s worked at (including his own!), Jon likes to challenge thinking, push boundaries, and embrace the new. 
Surprisingly, he’s actually quite good. With a swag of local and international awards over the past 25 years. These days, he tends to judge awards, including the AIMIAs (Australian Interactive Media), ADMA and U.S. DMAs (the Oscars of direct marketing). 
Remembering how hard it was to get into the industry, you can’t shut him up: he runs workshops and seminars across Australia and New Zealand, sharing tips on writing picked up (stolen) from other far more skilled writers. 
His greatest joy is helping others get a foothold in the industry (or, perhaps, deciding it’s not for them). 
Jon lives in Sydney on a very small, scruffy island in Pittwater. if he turns up in shorts, don’t be surprised. That’s him making an effort. 

Speaker’s event

Creative Careers Day: Information and Inspiration for Students

Bradfield Entertainment students in class
City and Surrounds
04 Jun - 03 Jun, 09:00 am - 06:00 pm