Joanne Keen

Joanne Keen

Joanne Keen

Executive General Counsel & Company Secretary at CS Energy

Jo Keen is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, leader, mentor and coach. She is also a well respected senior executive and lawyer having been a General Counsel of one of Australia’s largest energy companies. She is also a not-for-profit director and currently sits on the Board of Australian Sailing.

As an engaging and inspiring storyteller, Jo has a unique ability to enable us all to see the unique talents and qualities which lie within each of us and helps us to recognise that we all are more than capable of overcoming adversity and achieving the impossible, provided that we simply believe in ourselves and look for strength from within.

2017 i4 Tales Conference Topic: Courgage From Within
When things do not got so well in our lives, it is easy to get our brain to notice all the difficulties, the negative situations and the obstacles. Learning to recognise how to turn our thoughts around and retrain our brain to focus on the positive aspects of a situation is a skill that we can all learn and apply in our personal and professional lives. In this incredible session, Joanne Keen will share her strategies to build the courage we need to face the adverse events in our lives so we can shine as brightly as we can.

Join Joanne on June 3rd at Billy Blue College of Design,
an event produced by the About my Brain Institute.



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