Joachim Cohen

Education Outreach Programs Manager, Intel Australia

Joachim is a passionate educator, excited by the potential of what the 21st century's connected landscape presents; to grow, harness and develop the skills of learners as creators and innovators.

As a secondary school Teacher, at both Windsor and Queanbeyan High Schools and Teacher Librarian at J.J Cahill Memorial High School, Joachim has enjoyed the challenge of nurturing the abilities of staff and working with students, parents and the community to develop the young leaders of tomorrow.

As a statewide leader in educational technology, with the NSW Department of Education and now Australia wide Educational Technology evangelist, working on Intel’s Educational Programs, he has broadened his skill set with a focus on professional development for teachers as well as a focus on STEM and educational innovation to ensure the best outcomes for schools, students and teachers.

Joachim hopes to continue his focus on developing and nurturing communities of practice, both virtual and physical, as well as sharing stories of success to motivate, inspire and connect educators across Australia.


Speaker’s events

Creative Careers Day: Information and Inspiration for Students

Bradfield Entertainment students in class
City and Surrounds
04 Jun, 09:00 am - 06:00 pm