Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

Arts Practice Director for Community & Emerging and Experimental Arts - Australia Council for the Arts

Jeremy Smith is the Arts Practice director – Community, Emerging and Experimental Arts at the Australia Council for the Arts. He has spent much of his professional career working in close connection with the arts and cultural industries since graduating from the Lighting Design course at the WA Academy of Performing Arts in 1997.

He has held a range of senior positions in the corporate, not for profit and government sectors. Jeremy’s most recent appointments include manager, Community Investment with Rio Tinto Iron Ore, and the manager, Regional Arts and Strategic Development at DADAA, an arts and health organisation in Western Australia. He has also worked extensively across festivals, youth arts, community and regional arts development projects in a range of creative and management roles.

A large portion of his work has seen the development of long term, reciprocal relationships across regional Western Australia and with marginalised communities, which has shaped his approach and values towards his own arts practice. He has frequently used digital storytelling as a vehicle to promote social inclusion, and to ‘unhide’ the stories and voices of people who others might perceive as vulnerable.

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DIGITAL PUBLICS SYMPOSIUM - "DIGITAL PLACEMAKING – NEW URBAN LANDSCAPES"The Digital Placemaking Institute and Urban Screen Productions...

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