Jeff Duff

Author of "This Will Explain Everything"

In a flamboyant and often controversial music career, Jeff has released thirty albums, including a recent album with members of legendary British rock band Deep Purple.                                   

Jeff made his name as the frontman of trailblazing Australian punk band, Kush, with outrageous live performances and genre bending music. His antics earned him a legion of fans but incurred the ire of the establishment forcing Jeff to leave for the UK.

He quickly established himself in the UK and became the darling of London's new wave movement during the eighties, staying one step ahead of his peers with his flamboyant performances. Soon Andy Warhol was issuing forth his oft-quoted utterence: 'Sinatra, Presley, Jagger, Popeye...& now Duffo''.

Duffo returned to Australia in the late eighties to reintroduce his powerful voice and unique style to the local scene. Jeff's longtime admiration for David Bowie eventually led him to staging his own popular ‘Bowie Unzipped’ and 'Ziggy' shows. Both shows recently completed national concert tours of Australia culminating with a capacity crowd at the State Theatre in Sydney and five sold out shows at the Sydney Opera House.

During the last twelve months Jeff has released two new albums, 'Walking on Eggshells' and ‘Her Majesty Requests’, and an autobiography entitled This Will Explain Everything.

Speaker’s event

Kings Bloody Cross: This Will Explain Everything

Kings Bloody Cross - This Will Explain Everything
Kings Cross
04 Jun, 12:45 pm - 02:00 pm