Jane Cockburn

Jane Cockburn

Jane Cockburn

CEO Founder

Jane is an expert in Design Thinking and is the founder of Kairos Now.

Thirty plus years of experience within the healthcare market has highlighted to Jane the importance of the customer, patient and consumer relationships and the delivery of good outcomes. So it seemed natural for Jane to lead an organisation that advocates and explores the voice of the customer, consumer, patients and their families.

By tapping into a designer’s mindset Jane can help you identify the future that will make a difference for your organisation. You will discover what really matters to your customers, consumers, patients and their families. This discovery is critical to shape a clear and clever strategy and way of working that will differentiate your organisation from others.

Jane is a facilitator, coach and consultant. She thrives on shaping projects and working with you as part of the team. She also is driven by building your organisation's capability through her train, coach, mentor style of action learning.

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