Jane Burhop

Co-Founder, Common Ventures

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, the only exposure Jane had to Advertising was the ‘55ks till Maccas’ sign that stood crookedly on the side of the highway near her house. Instead of leading her to a six-pack of nuggets, this billboard subconsciously kick-started her career into Advertising.
After graduating and working 9 till 9 days, Jane opted for a career move that didn’t have a low ceiling or a safety net. In 2012, at the enthusiastic age of 24, Jane co-founded Common Ventures, with a fervent vision to shake up the industry.
Throughout her career, Jane has helped deliver internationally recognised work for brands that range from telephones, fried chicken to banks and fizzy drinks, she has sat on Award panels, collected awards and she more famously broke the internet when Common launched Game of Thrones themed wine – Wines of Westeros.
Despite the mie goreng dégustations and sleepless nights, Jane has built a company around one single, simple thought – ‘To make things that make sense’.