James Winter

Founding Director, BrandX

James Winter is the founding director of Brand X, a non-profit arts organisation run by Artists for Artists that re-purposes underutlised properties in Sydney so Artists have a place to practice their craft. 

Graduated as an Actor from the Centre for the Performing Arts (Adelaide) in 1993 before working as a theatre director for the State Opera Company of South Australia, State Theatre Company of South Australia, Restless Dance Company, Urban Myth Theatre of Youth, AIT Arts, D Faces of Youth, Shopfront, Ashfield Youth Theatre and The Studio at the Sydney Opera House. 

His Community Cultural Development (CCD) experience includes theatre projects that engage communities with physical and intellectual disabilities, street dependent, same-sex attracted, drug dependent, sex-workers, remote indigenous communities, juvenile justice clients, incarcerated youth, refugee, recent arrival and dual diagnosis.

James has also worked in Cairo (Egypt) with African artists in exile to establish self-determining community cultural development projects that include micro-business, cultural events, cultural policy, performance, networking and profile initiatives.

Speaker’s event

Creatives Get Mutual Summit: Practical Tools For Building Collaborative Enterprise

Creatives Get Mutual Summit Conference
City and Surrounds
06 Jun, 09:00 am - 05:00 pm