Jacqueline Fink

Founder, Little Dandelion

At Soul Safari: SYDNEY, Jacqueline Fink of Little Dandelion and Megan Morton of The School share how they’ve built a global community, one class at a time, extending the reach of The School beyond its classroom and across the world. Learn how to use technology with a personal touch to connect people around their passions.

Jacqui Fink is a fibre artist based in Sydney, Australia. She works predominantly with high-grade and naturally-coloured merino wool from Australia and New Zealand. Through the lens of her bespoke studio Little Dandelion, Jacqui focuses on creating installations and textiles, both extreme in their scale and the physical challenge they represent for a single pair of hands. Each piece is as much a feat of endurance as it is a loving creative expression. As her quiet rebellion against mass production, she ensures that each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation: something very personal for the client, lusciously tactile to the touch, highly textural by nature, and meticulous in its construction.

Instagram: @jacquifink

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Soul Safari Sydney: Makers And ChangeMakers

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