Retro soul artist

This summer ILUKA unveiled her more soulful side with her brand new EP Blue My Soul. First finding national attention through triple j with the much loved Paper Doll, then solidified with the polished 12th of July, ILUKA has come of age with this record moving effortlessly between retro pop and gospel soul. This is epitomised by lead single Blue Jean Baby , which captures the essence of summer - carefree and upbeat, but filled with longing nostalgia. 

Inspired by her freewheeling travels, the music that ILUKA pours herself into creating is not just music for the sake of music. It is art for the soul's purpose. The songs were born in a Buddhist Monastery in South East Asia, took shape through a utopian human experiment in Southern India, and matured on the vast arid expanses of the American desert. ILUKA has looked to distant lands to capture the essence of movement, light and youthful yearning. As the words fall from her howling tongue they paint a time, a place and a landscape so wildly vivid her journey becomes just as much yours as it is experientially her own. “I crave intensity and I crave wonder. In a world where people are almost afraid to feel, I want to make them feel something. Music out of all art forms has the ability to do that… I believe in the honesty of that.”

Iluka will be performing a song from her new EP at The Pathway To The Platform event.

Speaker’s event

Pathway to Platform: Making It in the Music Industry

Pathway to Platform: Making It in the Music Industry
The Rocks
10 Jun, 09:00 am - 11:00 am