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Glenn "Glenno" Smith is an art mercenary, living in Sydney with his beautiful wife Gina and cats, Pachinko, Roppongi and Pancetta. He spends most of his illustration time making international and local metal bands seem like powerful wizards, punk bands seem like earnest street fighters, while he himself is a humble conduit of pure creative energy lighting the mediocratic corners of the world with hope.
Despite the humour and his obvious need to take on work that allows him to pay rent in this overblown metropolis, he takes his art (and illustration especially) very seriously. He has worked within industries that see art as a means to making product...hence his curatorship of four exhibitions based around t-shirts, gig-posters, low-brow art/craft and self-published comics.
He has been published internationally six times in the last three years, in group books that have dealt mainly in his reputation as a rock artist. He enjoys lino-cutting, curating a monthly show for emerging artists, printing, self-publishing and designs close to 100 t-shirt designs a year. He works long hours and loves it, the sicko, but has started to concentrate on gallery-ready art with a view to a long-time coming retrospective show.
He describes his job description as “Art Mercenary”, realising from the beginning that it was wise to take on any and all commissions and never admit inexperience to a client. He also rocks out in Sydney band Chinese Burns Unit because everyone should be in a band.

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