Giovanna Lever

Founder - Sparrowly Group and E4

Giovanna Lever is a business solutions, marketing specialist and professional mentor. She is the founder of Sparrowly Group and co-founder of E4. She believes in empowering individuals and teams, getting them on the road to success and leaving them with the tools to make things happen. She is a big believer in real diversity in business and life and as such has founded global connection group Sparrows United — connecting smart individuals across industries for mutual and community benefit.

E4 works with secondary and tertiary students, and young executives through structured one-on-one mentoring relationships that partners enthusiasm with experience to develop empowering relationships built on trust. 

Speaker’s event

The Business of Creativity

Turn your creativity into a healthy business
City and Surrounds
01 Jun, 06:00 pm - 08:30 pm