FIona Kerr

FIona Kerr

FIona Kerr

Neural and Systems Complexity Specialist exploring the wonders and possibility of our brain

You know that invigorating feeling you get in the midst of a great conversation? The one where your brain feels like it’s charged up and flowing — well it is! Fiona Kerr will tell you how, and also why it feels like you are connecting physically with the people you are talking to — it’s because you are! Fiona is an industry professor in neural and systems complexity and her work explores the art and wonder of our ability to reshape our own brain and each other’s, and even grow new brain (neurogenesis). She is fascinated by how human connection and direct engagement creates these changes with a chemical cocktail that allows us to flourish.

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Enlightenment Feasts

We're inviting you to feast like never before! Join us in The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney to delve bravely and curiously into the theme of Enlightenment...

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