Emily Copeland

Partnership Strategist and Founder of Cedilla

Emily Copeland is a partnership, marketing and content expert, with over 15 years of experience in the media, events and entertainment industries. Emily has developed award winning content and experiences for some of the biggest brands in Australia, and has a proven rare mix of creative thinking and commercial savviness. 

As the founder of Cedilla, a strategic partnership consultancy, she works with brands and organisations including Sounds Australia, TEDxSydney, Cummins & Partners, Moshcam, Leo Burnett, and Nike. Emily also sits on the board of FBi Radio.

Previously, Emily was the Senior Group Manager of Advertising & Brand Partnerships for the Foxtel Music Channels, leading a team who specialised in the creative integration of brands into content, and the use of music and entertainment to create better advertising experiences. 

Emily’s move away from the traditional work environment occurred after a redundancy, a baby, and a freelance contract opportunity all fell into the same very short period of time, and saw her become a freelancer and business owner.