Elliott Donazzan

CEO, Punch!

Elliott Donazzan is an award-winning entrepreneur who is interested in driving consumer behaviour through technology.
In 2012 he founded One Cent Flights, a gaming-driven marketing platform for advertisers to promote their businesses to consumers. The company became the largest entertainment portal of its kind in APAC, boasting 350,000+ users and yearly revenue in excess of $1m.
Today he runs Punch!, a diversified performance-focused advertising agency. Punch! builds innovative campaigns that drive consumer action. 
Outside work Elliott is a keen volunteer. He is a Board Member of various community organisations and donates expertise to charities like Homelessness Australia and Lymphoma Australia. 

Speaker’s event

Creative Careers Day: Information and Inspiration for Students

Bradfield Entertainment students in class
City and Surrounds
04 Jun - 03 Jun, 09:00 am - 06:00 pm