Ella Gibbins


Ella Gibbins has loved music videos her whole life. As a teenager she binge-watched Rage, Fly TV, Video Hits, and box sets of her favourite music video directors Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry.

Now she’s a Sydney-based cinematographer who has helped create emotionally eclectic visuals set to high-concept stories for the beautiful songs of artists such as Rufus, Vera Blue, and Art vs Science

Music videos have been a really cool way to create from the fusion of her other passions of philosophy, music, the cosmos, and art. And they have been a fantastic teacher in how art helps us constantly bend and play with reality and gives us the chance to immerse ourselves daily in other worlds. 


Speaker’s event

CLIPPED Music Video Festival

Warren Fu : Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang
City and Surrounds
03 Jun, 09:00 am - Late