Dr Mirko Guaralda

Senior Lecturer in Architecture

Dr. Mirko Guaralda is Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the Queensland University of Technology; he currently is also Post-Graduate Coordinator for Architecture and CIF Research Ethics Advisor. Mirko’s background includes experience in architectural design, landscape architecture and urban design; his research focuses on People-Place interaction.

Mirko’s work analyses cityscapes through the identification of recurrent patterns, building typologies and design principles. The identity and character of a site are interpreted analysing also lived experiences and uses of the build environment. Mirko’s research aims to provide a better understanding of urban dynamics, at different scales, to support a positive development and/or management of our cities.

Speaker’s event

Redesigning Urban Inventions: City As A Service

Redesigning Urban Inventions: City As A Service

The Rocks
11 Jun, 09:00 am - 11:00 am