Dr. John McGhee

Dr. John McGhee

Dr. John McGhee

Director, 3D Visualisation Aesthetics Lab at UNSW

Dr John McGhee is a practicing 3D CGI artist, researcher and senior lecturer based at UNSW Art & Design. He has a background in design and 3D computer arts research.  His visual practice explores arts-led modes of visualising complex scientific and biomedical data, using the 3D CGI techniques used in the visual effects and animation industries. 

John's academic research builds on this theme, was the basis for his doctoral thesis and has since resulted in a variety of collaborative projects across the visual arts and sciences. His research investigates new modes of visualising complex data - such as MRI, CT and microscopy data - using 3D computer animation techniques.

The work investigates through practice, the emergent ways of working across art & science. This research provides methods of engaging the public with complex scientific data such as MRI during their interactions with healthcare professionals.  This research has resulted in the creation of 3D computer visualisation strategies that facilitate visual dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals. 

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