Dr Joanne Jakovich

Founder of SOUP

Dr Joanne Jakovich is an expert in collaborative innovation and founder of SOUP, a platform for strategic open urbanism that transforms the way we collaboratively develop our cities.

By leveraging goodwill between unlikely allies, Joanne’s projects – which include the UTS U.Lab, Tokyo Code, CitySwitch, Urban Islands, Groundbreaker, BikeTank and CrowdShare Sydney – weave innovation and strategy into new directions for urban life in cities in Japan, China and Australia. 

She is an architect and researcher by training, and author of international journal articles and four books on urbanism and innovation.


Speaker’s event

Creatives Get Mutual Summit: Practical Tools For Building Collaborative Enterprise

Creatives Get Mutual Summit Conference
City and Surrounds
06 Jun, 09:00 am - 05:00 pm