Dr Ingrid Burkett

Dr Ingrid Burkett

Director, Knode

Dr Ingrid Burkett is the Social Design Fellow at CSI. She is a social designer, designing processes, products and knowledge that deepen social impact and facilitate social innovation. She has contributed to the design of policy and processes in a diversity of fields, including community development, social investment, social enterprise and social procurement. 

Ingrid is the President of the International Association for Community Development and is committed to fostering an international dialogue about designing innovative methodologies for sustainable development. She is also the Managing Director of Knode, a social business that aims to build the knowledge base underpinning social innovation and to help community organisations, governments and businesses to foster and share innovative practice.

Ingrid has worked in the community sector, government and with the private sector and believes that each of these sectors has a valuable role to play in social innovation. Most recently she was the Social Innovations Manager for Foresters Community Finance, designing and implementing innovations through training,education, research and publications (2006-2010); and prior to this Ingrid was the Training Development Coordinator for Oxfam Australia, designing and delivering internal and external training (2004-2006). Ingrid is also a practising artist and designer. She weaves this passion into all her work and is well known for her use of visuals in publications, speeches and workshops.

Ingrid has qualifications in Social Work (B.SocWk, first class Honours); Business (Masters in Business); and Community Economic Development (PhD). She has particular expertise in the design of economic processes and products and is recognised internationally for her work in community economic development and finance. Though these are particular specialities, Ingrid has the skills to design processes, products and knowledge in a wide range of fields and disciplines and believes that the design of social innovation requires a capacity to think in creative cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral ways.

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